To the regional Atlas of fungi, future plans

There is no well-illustrated Atlas for determination of Mushrooms in our region, and one day this gap should be filled. Fungi are so beautiful, attractive from many perspectives, and valuable organisms. Yet, trying to recognize one picked in the forests specimen you should turn to either scientific guide like FN (too many terms, a lot of species) or some popular guides which are written for other areas and not always ready to answer your question. At the same time, we are accumulating more and more pictures, drawings (which are connected to the specimens) in our Fungarium and in personal collections. They are newly coming papers as well, and i hope that all this will make a path toward such illustrated regional Atlas of Fungi (?of boreal zone of West Siberia may be?). Lately, Tatiana impressed me by her graphical drawings of fungal microstructures. She makes these detailed sketches for well known and recognized species, that she has in her collection (Yuganskiy nature reserve).

Mycenella lasiosperma, a sketch of microstructures


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