Do fungi in bogs depend on weather? – Peatland conference report

Tomorrow is the second day of our regular Peatland conference in West Siberia ( and i have prepared a report about fungal fruiting dynamics in bog ecosystems. It was interesting to analyze the data and to find some patterns after three years of observations. The results are rather descriptive at present as i was not able to work out the statistical analysis. Need to find an experienced colleague to work together on the correlation between fruiting dynamics and weather parameters and other mathematical analyses. Still, descriptive part is not less valuable at first stage, i believe. I hope that it will be possible to make the statistical analysis, write a paper in english and upload the data (a sampling event dataset) to GBIF finally.

Below are the presentation with the report (in Russian) and some interesting graphs showing aspects of macrofungi fruiting in the bog ecosystem near Khanty-Mansiysk (Mukhrino).

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