Corticolous myxomycetes inventory

This bark could look abandoned and clean, but if one will take its samples, cultivate them in wet chambers and then learn one-selves to be a specialist in Corticolous Myxomycetes, this would make a difference. As there is a whole community of these tiny creatures, currently in dormant stage but will thrive in wet warm conditions of a chamber. The tree species, size and age matters; as well as vegetation type, bark exposition, and height – all forming different composition of myxo-communities.

Thus, i am involved in an inventory of Corticolous Myxomycetes in our location. A specialist in this group from Novosibirsk botanical garden asked my help as a samples collector; which means wandering through forests from tree to tree with an ax .. gently scratching some pieces of the tree’s bark.

Also wrote a formula of such collaborative work borrowing Remote Access term from INTERACT language (

An album where all photos of sampling in the field collected:

Series of Petri dishes incubating the substrates for inventory of Corticioid Myxomyetes
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