Myco-Library Autumn update

The last time i published our Mycological Library update was last spring and after half of year we have some new comers. Not many, but interesting and specific books.

Four Conference Proceedings are here from meetings in Moscow, Zvenigorod and in Irkuts.

An excellent guide on plant-pathogenic fungi for students, describing mycobiota of this important group nearby Zvenigorod field station of MSU, by Ekaterina Blagoveschenskaya.

An excellent summary of Polypore fungi inventory made by a collective of mycologists during a workshop in Central Forest reserve (with a simple key for this group, was already helpful to me in the field!).

And lastly, two sources about Fungal Dyes by Miriam Rice: a CD and a book about dyeing, making paper from polypores and making paints from mushrooms.
The library is opened to all curious!

An autumn 2017 update in our Mycolibrary

+ one extra for the smallest ones 🙂

+ one nice extra to MycoLib :)

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