Winter news in our Mycolibrary

A set of new books in our Mycolibrary from Autumn-Winter 2017:

  • The last issues of a wonderful popular journal of Saint-Petersburg mycological society “The planet of Fungi”
  • Several monographs and proceedings on biodiversity of Komi republic acquired during the conference there
  • A tutorial on methods of laboratory work with microfungi from the department of Mycology and Algology of MSU
  • Several lovely small books with mushroom recipes for the Fungarium’s museum shelf
  • And a rare edition on mushroom dyes written by Finnish enthusiasts Carla and Erik Sundstrom together with Miriam Rice.

Welcome to read and enjoy!

6 new editions of Planet of Fungi journal

A collection of new books coming to our Fungarium library!

A book on dyeing with fungi written by Calra & Erik Sundstrom and Miriame Rice


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