The database of YSU Fungarium is developed using Specify 6 software and its web version, Specify 7 (available at hosted on the Yugra State University server. The online database has open access through a guest username (ugrabiodb) and password (ugrabiodb).

Database user help (in Russian)

The online database updated monthly (otherwise managed on a local computer offline). Last update: 14.09.2016. The online database is currently under reconstruction: there are some problems with picture demonstration and others, we are working with these problems.

For further information about the online database, please contact:

  • Nina Filippova, responsible for the content (
  • Dmitry Karpov, respondible for the programming (

Database elements: Catalog number (5 digit not increment), Accession number (string), Alternative catalog number (string), Cataloger [linked to Agent table], Cataloged date, Taxon [linked to Taxon tree], Qualifier (pick list), Addendum (pick list), Determined date, Determiner [Agent table], Type status (pick list), Morphological description (text), Collector number (string), Method (pick list), Date, Locality [Locality name, Georeference + linked to Geography tree], Vegetation type (text), Collectors [Agent table], Substrate (pick list), Substrate remarks (text), Host plant [linked to Taxon tree], Preparations [linked to Preparation table], Attachments [inked to Attachment table and attached files], Collection object citations [linked to Reference work table].

Storage: Currently the database holds 4443 collection objects, 11588 preparations, and 3 Type specimens (1 isotype, 1 holotype and 1 paratype). Preparations stored in the database include: dried cultures – 3, dried specimens – 3975, drawings – 111, macrophotographs in situ – 974, macrophotographs in studio – 3151, measuring data – 361, microphotographs under stereo lens – 1126, microphotographs under transmitted light microscope – 1737, habitat images – 74.

Last update: 09.2016