The database of YSU Fungarium is developed using Specify software. The Specify Web Portal available for the database search (simple and advanced), browsing the map and images and uploading the .csv exports of the search results:


For further information about the online database, please contact:

  • Nina Filippova, responsible for the content (
  • Dmitry Karpov, IT (

Database elements: Catalog number (5 digit not increment), Accession number (string), Alternative catalog number (string), Cataloger [linked to Agent table], Cataloged date, Taxon [linked to Taxon tree], Qualifier (pick list), Addendum (pick list), Determined date, Determiner [Agent table], Type status (pick list), Morphological description (text), Collector number (string), Method (pick list), Date, Locality [Locality name, Georeference + linked to Geography tree], Vegetation type (text), Collectors [Agent table], Substrate (pick list), Substrate remarks (text), Host plant [linked to Taxon tree], Preparations [linked to Preparation table], Attachments [inked to Attachment table and attached files], Collection object citations [linked to Reference work table].

Last update: 16.02.2019