Collectors and determiners. The majority of specimens in the collection were collected by two persons (Filippova N., Bulyonkova T.). Identification was performed by a total of 17 specialists through direct work in the fungarium (Filippova N., Bulyonkova T. – a total of 3202 specimens), in other laboratories with loaned material (Zmitrovich I. – 50 specimens, Rebriev Yu. – 33, Novozhilov Yu. – 9, Malysheva V. – 9, Morozova O. – 1 specimens), or making comments on identification through Internet mycological forums (Baral H. – 26 specimens, and others).

Reference works: 35% of the collection specimens have been cited in one to four publications. A total of 96 publications were prepared, including journal papers (totally 13), descriptions in the Red Book of Khanty-Mansiyskiy Autonomous Okrug (4 species) and publications of specimens in Internet mycological forums (AscoFrance, MushroomObserver, and others).

 Loans and gifts: about 400 specimens were loaned or given away as gifts to specialists during the existence of the Fungarium. The total number of loan agents (borrowers or donors) amounted to 14, with countries represented as follows: Russia (374), China (19), USA (10), Germany (8), and the Netherlands (1). The major collections to which the specimens were donated include the Herbarium of Komarov Botanical Institute, Saint-Petersburg (LE) – 263 specimens; The Fungarium of the University of Illinois, USA – 3 specimens; The Herbarium of the University of Leipzig (LZ) – 1 holotype specimen.


Last update: 2015