Remote Access is used by an INTERACT project in cases, “where the user group does not physically visit the station. Instead, the station staff conducts the study and collects the samples for free for the group/scientist according to the research plan.”

I borrowed this term to define similar activities in our Fungarium which could be of two types:

  • Remote access to our collection specimens where an user studies the specimen from our Fungarium without real shipment of a specimen. To that a Fungarium’s employee studies the specimens of interest, makes microscopy, description, micro-pictures etc.  and sends this information to a person.
  • Remote field work, where a user interested in inventory of a particular group of fungi in the vicinities of Khanty-Mansiysk asks for assistance in collecting samples/specimens of a Fungarium’s employee. The collected samples/specimens are then send to the user by post.

The terms of conditions of such collaborative work is a subject to discuss in each particular case: we would be interested in obtaining the data of the study, or co-authorship in publication, or training in a partner’s laboratory, etc. Financial support of such Remote Access projects to our Mukhrino FS (where mycological projects is of high-priority) is highly possible through INTERACT RA Call.

Recently we started some Remote Access projects with different goals:

  1. We are collecting samples in Shapsha vicinities for a project: Inventory of Corticolous Myxomycetes in middle taiga zone of WS; in collaboration with Nastya Vlasenko, Central Siberian Botanical Garden SB RAS.
  2. … waiting for next projects to start

Please, if interested, contact us for such collaborative Research Access projects!

Photos made during collection of samples for Corticolous Myxomycetes inventory in September 2017:

Series of Petri dishes incubating the substrates for inventory of Corticioid Myxomyetes

Last update: 16.02.2019