The eqipment of the laboratory includes four laboratory zones and a set of instruments for DNA extraction, purification and sequencing.

A quick equipment checklist

  • Genetic Analyser 3500 Applied Biosystems
  • PCR Machine – Bio-Rad T100
  • Centrifuge Центрифуга СМ-50
  • Centrifuge MPW-150R
  • Centrifuge MiniSpin G
  • Dry Block Thermostat TDB-120
  • Electrophoresis MINIE-135 Miulab
  • UV Tansilluminator TCP-20.LM
  • Pipettes, plastics
  • NA extraction, PCR, sequencing, PCR and sequencing purification reagents

The full list of the equipment (Google spreadsheet document)

The equipment is installed in the laboratory in Shapsha field station of Yugra State University, in Shapsha village 30 km from the Khanty-Mansiysk city.

A 3d model of the laboratory, including sections of fungarium collection, NA extraction, PCR, electrophoresis and genetic analyser (by Evgeny Antonov)
Take a tour of the molecular laboratory and fungarium collection

Приборы, реактивы и пластик (видео-презентация, подготовленная для общего ознакомления молодых сотрудников с особенностями оборудования)

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