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628508, Stroiteley street, 2, Shapsha village,
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra
Yugra State University field station in Shapsha village

Working hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 until 17:00

Email address:

Nina Filippova, PhD, senior researcher of Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change department of Yugra State University

Fungarium is not an official subdivision of the University presently (actually the entire Biological collection is not a subdivision but an independent initiative). We rely therefore on our contacts and friends to reach and develop our goals. I am very grateful to everyone who contributes to research and other activity of YSU Fungarium!

In the beginning of 2018 the Mycological Club of Yugra began its existence at Fungarium YSU in collaboration with the Museum of Nature and Man, Yuganskiy Nature Reserve and many individuals. The club is considered to be developed in Mycological Society of Yugra in the future.

Also the Mycological Club has an account VKontakte for informal communication, promotion, education and discussions of our plans.

There are several videos about fungal festivals, excursions and exhibitions in the Biological Collection of YSU YouTube account.

If interested in field work in the vicinity of Khanty-Mansiysk for mycological studies in middle taiga of West Siberia, please visit Mukhrino Field Station webpage.

Also explore our Fungarium’s collections and photostream on Flickr:

A final group photograph of the participants of the Mycological Club of Yugra first meeting

Our Mycological Club team during the meeting in Shapsha on 26 January 2018

Last update: 16.02.2019