IT in botany conference is coming!

A long-awaited conference on information technologies in collections management is coming and i am preparing to participate.

Apatity, Murmansk Province, March, 28–31, 2017
Conference web page
The conference PROGRAM

The full conference name is International Conference «The use of modern information technologies in botanical investigations».

There are three sections:

  • Section «Information Systems and databases»
  • Section «Modern information technologies in the data processing»
  • Section «The use of remote sensing methods in the vegetation mapping and biodiversity studies»

but the second one is the most interesting in the context of Fungarium organization and functioning. And several round tables are also going to discuss important questions of databases organization.

My report will be focused on YSU Fungarium organization and collection content and our database in Specify; and i hope to share with colleagues the experience of collection management and work in Specify. It will be also helpful to discuss problems of fungal collections databases in Russia in general and what system we are going to adhere in future (there is no common database presently and different institutions are managing their own products). Some problems with our database (like Taxonomical tree organization, pictures management etc.) could be discussed and solved as well.

The abstracts of the conference papers will be published and distributed at the event. But i also decided to publish the report here in blog (that differs from the abstract and has presentation picture in it) so that i could save it for future.


The conference administrators warned us about bright sun at this time of year in Apatity (while snow cover is still staying). So, hoping to come back a little tanned from the conference..^)


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