Mushroom rain?..

There is a type of rain (in Russian at least, it is literally called «Mushroom rain» — Грибной дождь) which is said to be linked to mushroom fruiting and therefore, the beginning of mushroom hunt. It is short drizzling warm rain that also alternates with sunny intervals. These mushrooms should be quite exigent and are not devoid of artistic talents. Are they?..

Perhaps i will know more about this Mushroom rain believability soon, as i am currently processing the meteorological data which accumulated during several years of MFS existence. There are 300 data series already!!! A jubilee!! 🙂 But most of them were not preprocessed at all and there are a lot of gaps due to absence of regular control and organization. We can do better in future, i believe.

There are many interesting parameters in terms of fungi which are collected in Mukhrino bog and in nearby forest: air temperature, soil temperature, humidity and heat flux, precipitation, and others. Therefore i hope that this temporal change of profession will be useful in some sense.

This page made for the mukhrinostation website but temporarily will be here on Fungarium site as well:

Meteorological station Mukhrino