Biological collections of Yugra workshop

The workshop on Biological collections of Yugra will be held tomorrow in the Museum of Man and Nature in Khanty-Mansiysk. The tradition of this workshop was started two years ago. The researchers and museum managers made their reports and discussed problems of collections organization and functioning in the region.

Biological collections of Yugra — workshop resolution (2015) [in Russian].
The proceedings were published in electronic publication (and the paper edition is coming) [some papers in English, the most in Russian].


This year we are going to discuss the results of two years of work, new collections will be described and other questions. The workshop is dedicated to memory of an ecologist and the manager of the first Herbarium in Khanty-Mansiysk — Yuriy Gordeev. He also studied, photographed and collected larger fungi in the region.

Program of Biological collections of Yugra workshop — 2017 [in Russian]

The Fungarium YSU and the Museum of Man and Nature have close cooperation for several years organizing Fungi expositions and research field work.

I am allowed to make two reports in the workshop. The first one is dedicated to the IS Specify for collection management. It has been about two years since we use this IS and now i can share some skills with colleagues. The important objective is to organize an integrated database for biological collections in the region based on our UGRABIO DB in Specify (installed at YSU server). It could be a platform for researchers working in Nature Reserves in the Yugra to store their collections information and share it online. The final goal would be to export this integrated database to GBIF.


The second report is about Fungal exhibitions: their organization and importance for teaching and mycological science. We made several fungal expositions in Khanty-Mansiysk during last years and i thought that some analysis of how it could be done would be important for us. The report could be also transformed in more popular presentation for non-specialists (to Lektoiy which is getting popular in the town). It was very interesting for me to learn how fungal expositions are organized in different places in the world. I found many beautiful pictures in the Internet, and hope that the colleagues could be impressed by diverse ideas in this field too.

ABOUT FUNGI EXHIBITIONS: ORGANIZATION AND IMPORTANCE — the report and presentation [in Russian]

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